Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Tips on Music and Band Promotion

Now how do you promote?


Start with leaflets. Print something up that looks great, but won't expense you an arm and a leg, they do not have to be fantastic artwork, simply something individuals will keep in mind. If you have a cool poster take a few of those out too.

Offer the leaflets to individuals, stick them under windscreen wipers (may wish to examine your cities cluttering and solicitation laws). Get some tape and/or a staple weapon and track them anywhere you can, that will not get you in difficulty.


If you have some poster, put them up in high traffic locations, concentrate on the locations around clubs and bars.

You can likewise put an advertisement up on Craigslist, and If you do not have a MySpace profile for your group, make one. You can then promote your program to the groups for your city.


Simply a little bit of guidance on that. Ensure individuals understand exactly what type of music you play. You may get more individuals to your programs by being unclear, but you're likewise most likely to make individuals mad. Even if you blend designs up. You may be a Rap and Metal band. Promoting in online forums and groups for both is great, simply make sure you are clear that you use both designs. You do not wish to have some whip metal purest appearing and disliking you because you use rap, and vice versa.


On to Online Promotion


I've currently discussed 2 locations to promote yourself. Craigslist benefits promoting gigs and trying to find brand-new members if you should. That's about it. If you are handing out demonstrations, you may get away with that. Craigs is quite rigorous, and there are individuals that appear to have no other life, but flagging down any advertisement they do not like, so take care.


Myspace can be used to promote gigs and your band in basic. The issue with MySpace is that most likely 60% or more of individuals you discover, are likewise there to promote something. If you are going to promote yourself on Myspace, you mustenter the groups, the online forums and invest lots of time discovering brand-new buddies. Be yourself, and do not press the promo part of why you're there too hard. You will turn individuals away.


Another excellent source of online promo for your band can be YouTube. It's one I use a lot. If you have a video camera (that can hook into your computer system), move your programs and put the videos up.


Obviously, the huge one is having your very own site.